Video Traffic Surveillance in Zagreb


Introduce order into the city’s parking

system and improve traffic flows.


Implementation of a video surveillance

system with automatic detection of parking



A 50% drop in the number of parking

violations in the city, improvement of

parking discipline and bringing order to

public parking garages and lots.

The implementation of an analytical video surveillance system with automatic detection of illegal parking violations and centralized report processing has resulted in a 50% drop in the number of parking violations in the City of Zagreb.

Regular and unhindered traffic flow is one of the greatest challenges in any large city, including Croatia’s capital. With the aim of reducing undesirable driver conduct in Zagreb, a comprehensive video surveillance system was implemented. The system includes automatic detection of illegal parking violations, which together with traffic patrols comprise a unique system for surveillance and processing of traffic violations.

Video and metadata streams from over 500 surveillance cameras and telemetry devices are processed in Central Surveillance
Centre. Received information is quickly and simply analysed to detect traffic violations and analyse traffic density in the observed sections, which helps to facilitate traffic management.

Areas which are not covered by the video surveillance system are covered by traffic patrols which use smart devices to relay violation picture and corresponding data to Central Surveillance Centre.

System benefits:

  • High level of process automatization in issuing violation tickets, from zooming images of vehicles in parking violation, transferring to and processing of information at Central Surveillance Centre, and issuance of parking violation ticket.Complete integration with City Parking Control System and tow services makes it possible to report parking violations that are not in their scope of authority and send all the necessary information to the traffic violation staff in Central Surveillance Centre
  • Increased security of supervised areas, by raising the overall security and preventing crime
  • Use of camera’s video analysis potential to analyse traffic flows and Traffic demand

Implementation of a video surveillance system with automatic detection of parking violations.

What was KING ICT’s role in the project?

  • Implementation of video surveillance system with accompanying telemetry equipment at remote locations
  • Construction of wired and wireless active and passive network infrastructure
  • Construction of the ICT infrastructure in redundant (cluster) configuration on central location
  • Development and implementation of Central Management Software for Central Surveillance Centre
  • Development and implementation of client application
  • Integration with parking violation software

The project leader was the company KING ICT in cooperation with Croatian partners.