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For the jubilee 10th year in a row, Girls in IT Day will be celebrated on the 4th Thursday of April! This is a global initiative to support girls and young women in education that encourages them to pursue a career in the world of ICT. A world in which, unfortunately, women are still a minority.

That is why this is an excellent opportunity for our female experts to share their knowledge with girls, to stimulate them to recognise the wealth of opportunities offered by the ICT world. This time, once again, we will celebrate this day at King, with online lectures and workshops, to be hosted by our female KING experts.

Our project leaders, testers and analysts will share their experiences and educational path with girls, explaining the nature of their work. After the lectures, workshops will be held, with the aim of familiarising girls with the roles of business analysis in developing proposed solutions for a simple application. Girls will be divided into groups, and each group will be assigned a mentor who will guide them towards a solution.

With the desire of inspiring and strengthening girls through their own experience, the women of King will show them that it really is possible to develop a successful career in the ICT industry, and will give them an overview of the diversity of fields offered within the ICT industry.

That is why we invite all girls to join us and discover everything they don’t know about the world of ICT!

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Let’s show them that there is nothing that women can’t do! Let’s change the future together.


22 April 2021

10-12:30h lecture

12:30-13:00 break

13:00-15:00 workshop

15:00-15:30 presentation of solutions, conclusions

Our lecturers:

Jelena Jelinić – Project Leader

Kristina Devčić – Senior Business Analyst

Lucija Šuprina – Junior Software Tester

Vesna Opačak – Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Elvira Pećnik – Head of the Business Analyst Team

Eva Marohnić – Expert Advisor for SAP Finance

Ana Perkov – Senior Systems Engineer

See you then!

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