Cisco and KING ICT: an excellent atmosphere on the topic of hybrid work and security

On Thursday, 2 June 2022, Cisco and KING ICT held an event that was marked by a great, relaxing atmosphere, in which participants were able to learn more about hybrid work and the modern technologies that enable and shape it.

Special emphasis was placed on the secure exchange of information in remote work, as for some organisations, this means complete changes to their security architecture. However, with the right technology, everything is possible. Modern technology has enabled better connections and unhindered continuation of work, while retaining high employee productivity.

Those attending the event had the opportunity to listen to lectures by experts from the companies Cisco and KING ICT, explaining how connectivity and security enable productive work from home. They also revealed how to resolve the challenges of the hybrid work position by using collaboration technologies.

The event was held live, and so attendees were also able to use the time reserved for unformal mingling to ask everything they wanted about security products and tools. Vedran Franjić, Technical Presales Systems Engineer at Cisco, said that he was thrilled that this event was being held, as it addresses some of the key issues of today, such as user security while working from home.

“I hope that the presentations were both useful and interesting. After two years of this pandemic, we have concrete and good quality solutions that have tackled even the greatest security issues that come from remote work. I am pleased that we have been able to make them available for users,” concluded Franjo Rebac, Head of the Network and Network Security Division at KING ICT.

“I am thrilled that we were able to gather here together in such numbers, in such a beautiful place. I would like to thank my colleagues from KING ICT for the organisation. We are aware that the world around us has changed, and that if we want to attract the best talent, we need to be more flexible. That opens numerous security issues, and today we have received numerous responses on how to handle those issues,” added Vedran Hafner, Systems Engineer at Cisco.

More about these solutions is available here.