Croatian Grand Prix Security awarded to KING ICT

The 10th edition of the Croatian Grand Prix Security awards ceremony was held in Opatija, with awards handed out in 11 categories. This award recognises individuals, companies, institutions, the local community and others who make a contribution to the establishment and development of security in the Republic of Croatia. One of the winners of this prestigious award this year was KING ICT, in the category of Best security system project. The award was received for the company’s multifunctional upgrade project for a perimeter security system (APIS IT d.o.o.).

In addition to winning an award, KING ICT also participated in another role at the event. Matija Mandić, director of the Technical Protection and Passive Network Solutions Sector, held an interesting presentation entitled “Complex integration of technical protection systems (with examples of good practices)”.

The presentation outlined the values of having a comprehensive and integrated approach to security systems, and gave some answers to a range of business and security challenges that we meet in practice on a daily basis.

APIS IT and the important of premises security

Agencija za podršku informacijskim sustavima i informacijskim tehnologijama d.o.o. – APIS IT d.o.o. (Agency for the support of information systems and information technologies) provides strategic, professional and implementation services to the public sector of the Republic of Croatia in the planning, development, support and maintenance of corporate IT systems, based on the principles of network- and user-guided administration.

The projects that APIS IT is actively engaged in and has built the necessary infrastructure are excellent examples of the transformation towards a modern public administration system. Interoperability has already been achieved between administration bodies at all levels. Citizens, commercial entities and the administration receive reliable and comprehensive information, and to services are accessible in electronic form.

For this reason, the security of the entire APIS IT premises is of the utmost importance, particularly in the sense of physical and logistics security, and the mutual convergence of all security elements. This enables the proactive monitoring of the security system for the entire premises.

One of the most complex technical security integration systems in Croatia

Through this project to implement the technical protection system, and the multifunctional upgrade of the security system for the interior and exterior perimeter, the result was one of Croatia’s most complex technical security integration systems. The central surveillance system, called King Situation Management (KSM), is the central integration platform, integrating more than 20 manufacturers of different security equipment. This unique surveillance and management system include the following:

  • Visitor announcement and records system
  • Access control and IP intercom communication system
  • Management system and control of parking ramps and gates
  • Vehicle registration identification system
  • Video surveillance network system
  • Video analysis system
  • Antitheft protection network system
  • Perimeter security system with video analysis, radar detectors and infrared barriers
  • Environmental data centre surveillance system (monitors temperature, humidity, water leaks)
  • Reporting system

Security cabin, a combination of modern architecture and high security standards

A special part of the implemented system is the specially designed security cabin at the entrance to the protected premises. This cabin meets the highest surveillance standards and visibility, and ensures proper working conditions for the security operator. The cabin is constructed in such a way that it fully fits in with the appearance of the building, which itself is an example of Zagreb modern architecture, in order to visually and functionally complement the existing premises.