KING ICT participates in equipping the first Digital classroom of the future in Croatia

As a Google for education partner in Croatia, KING ICT has participated in equipping a Digital classroom of the future, the first classroom of its kind in Croatia. It is housed at the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, and is valued at HRK 140,000, and it will be used in preparing creative classes in the digital environment.

The project prepares future primary school teachers for the digital transformation of education, which is now in full swing around the world. The project is the result of a partnership between the Faculty of Teacher Education, the publishing company Profil Klett, and one of the world’s largest companies – Google. The experts from KING ICT installed the necessary wiring and equipment setup, and conducted user training, while the company LG equipped the classroom with an interactive screen.

This classroom is now equipped with:

  • An interactive “smart” board with high resolution and sensitivity with a built-in computer,
  • 24 Chromebook laptops computers for students,
  • Specialised cabinets for the storage and charging of laptops,
  • Computer with peripheral equipment for professors,
  • Communications equipment for remote learning (55” wall monitor, HD camera and broadband microphone),
  • 24 movable tables with chairs for executing creative classes,
  • 24 textbook sets with the accompanying workbooks and didactic materials,
  • White board.

We are proud that KING ICT is a part of this lovely story. We will continue to invest in education and to build a digital future for all of us, and for the generations to come.