Open Integrations Day 2018

At the 13th edition of the Open Integrations Day, we talked about the ideas that could build a successful digital society. The Digital Agenda proposes a number of solutions in the information and communication sector in order to stimulate innovation, economic growth, and progress. A unique digital market is evolving, but will Europe achieve the set goals in the areas of interoperability, network security or the promotion of digital literacy? The Conference was held on March 22, 2018, in Zagreb.

The digitization processes in Croatia are best illustrated by the DESI index, whose latest data was presented by the European Commission DG CONNECT’s political analyst Irina Orssich. Tomislav Radoš, the Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy,  presented the results from a large survey of 770 Croatian companies about the degree of digitization of Croatian companies, conducted by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. The sample was based on the structure of the Croatian economy, and then the results were compared with the DESI index.

Andrijana Prskalo Maček, deputy director of CARNET and head of the e-School project presented the results of the project that was awarded one of the best educational projects in the world. The pilot project included 101 elementary schools, 50 high schools, 7000 teachers and 23,000 students. Our aim is to raise 10 percent of schools from the level of digital beginner to the level of digital maturity

The Croatian financial industry elite gathered for the roundtable “Digitization: The Reality Strategy”: President of Croatia Insurance Company Damir Vanđelić, member of Management Board of Privredna banka Zagreb Draženko Kopljar, a renowned industry digitization expert Nedjeljko Štefanić, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture – University of Zagreb and senior management consultant in Horwath HTL Andrej Šimatić. Miodrag Šajatović, editor-in-chief of Lider, moderated discussion on the current moment of digitization in their areas and plans for the next three years.

Davor Rostuhar, explorer, photographer, and adventurer, talked about what happens en route when wish takes the form of a decision that leads to the goal and presented his latest big project -The Polar Dream – that astounded Croatia and international public. In his motivational session, Rostuhar explained that everything stems from the idea, when the contours of what we want to achieve and what drives us forward, emerge. It was precisely this approach that made him the first Croat who has conquered the South Pole.

More information about the Conference please find at the official conference website