Software Solution to Support 112 Emergency Services


Computerize and modernize the

communication system services of the 112

Service in order to improve its operation.


Implementation of the SFERA CTI System

software solution.


Improved speed and quality of 112 Service’s


The implementation of a software solution to support 112 Service operators has made their work even faster and better and the solution itself has improved the operation of the Service that is critical in helping individuals in emergency situations.

112 is a common European emergency number. A call to 112 directs individuals to 112 Service operators or to the appropriate 112 County Center which accepts emergency calls.

Given the purpose of its existence, the operation of the Service through the entire process, from the receipt of calls and their processing to alerting the appropriate emergency centers, does not tolerate errors or delayed responses. Therefore it is extremely important that the system used by 112 Service operators is reliable, fast, user-friendly and allows the use of all available functionalities necessary for the proper performance of their services.

In 16 County Centers and at the central location in Zagreb, the National Protection and Rescue Directorate, being in charge of the 112 Service System has implemented a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) system termed SFERA – an operational and contact center providing support to 112 operators, developed by KING ICT.

Improved 112 service business process

The solution facilitates the coordination of common activities in several centers where all data is automatically visible in all collaborating centers in real time.

The system uses verified call recorders to ensure the necessary protection and safety of call details. In addition to caller ID, the system also provides multiple call manipulation options. All relevant details of the call and operator actions are recorded in the database. Preparing reports based on arbitrarily selected criteria and the multi-criteria search option also help maintain the operation of the 112 Service transparent.

Implementation of the SFERA CTI System software solution.

What did KING ICT do within the project?

  • Implementation of a software solution for 16 112 County Centers
  • Implementation of a software solution using a CTI system with CTI system functionalities
  • Implementation of a software solution for synchronizing the 112 County Center and the National Protection and Rescue Directorate and integrating them in a single network
  • Implementation of a firewall at the communication and software solution’s implementation sites; the firewall provides protection of network traffic and the establishment of a VPN tunnel to the central location in the 112 Service HQ
  • Implementation of complete hardware and software infrastructure that provides a stable environment for this nationally critical system (servers, data storage).

SFERA software solution was fully developed within KING ICT. System architecture was designed to provide a number of options for future updates such as the e-call receiving capability.