Central System for Reporting on Water Quality


Reporting to the directives of the European

Commission on the basis of relevant data.


Reporting system that allows the

data storage management, receiving,

storing and processing data, visualizing

information, preparing, drafting and

distributing reports.


The fulfillment of the task of a high quality

and transparent reporting to the EU.

Improving water quality is an important part of the EU water policy and therefore measures are set in order to restore the water to its natural state. The European Commission receives reports on the quality of water from Member States which are carefully analyzed.

Croatia, as an EU member, wanted to develop a reporting system based on best practices. EstuarIS project was started in order to share knowledge about environmental data management and reporting in the field of water.

Within the project Hrvatske vode has implemented the Central system for reporting. The system allows central management of data on the state of waters in the Republic of Croatia and the preparation and distribution of reports defined by single “Water Directives” of the EU.

Central reporting system provides a number of advantages:

  • All data on waters in Croatia are located in one place, for example data on water intended for human consumption, for industrial consumption, data on water purification, data on floods, etc.
  • Data is visually presented via Geoportal that allows you to view, overlap, analyse and share spatial data from different source systems under Hrvatske vode
  • Central reporting system enables a direct communication of Hrvatske vode with all public water suppliers, ministries and government departments
  • Access to data in the Central system is adapted for mobile users


The Central reporting system has been developed under the rules of SCRUM methodology that ensures transparency, control and adjustment of the development process in a way that all users of the system can clearly and quickly affect the development of parts of the system and adjust the system to actual needs.

As part of the development and implementation of the Central reporting system the following has been achieved:

  • Central database of public suppliers, all villages in Croatia, zones of supply and all water works
  • Geoportal (web GIS solution) as a key infrastructure for the fulfillment of all obligations related to the spatial data and the central point of access to spatial data of Hrvatske vode
  • BI portal – Business Intelligence portal as a central place for report drafting
  • Web application is connected with the information systems of other state and public administration bodies through which data necessary for particular reporting module is entered

Reporting system that allows the data storage management, receiving, storing and processing data, visualizing information, preparing, drafting and distributing reports.


Geoportal has been created with the aim of quality control of spatial data that is included in the Central reporting system. The portal has been designed as a part of the reporting system for spatial visualization, detailed view of attribute data and check of the accuracy of the location data before generating the report.

Some of the functionalities of Geoportal are: the possibility to print data in PDF format, sharing current cartographic views and locations of the data presented, the possibility of comparing data, measuring distances, surface and azimuth, drawing, marking of buildings, their modifications, etc.

Geoportal displays information related to reporting to the EU authorities as well as data for different organizational units of Hrvatske vode.

The data is organized in thematic groups:

  • Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks, with subgroups – hazard maps and flood risk maps
  • Directive on drainage and urban waste water treatment
  • The directive on drinking water
  • Water protection: Agglomerations
  • Water protection: Technological pollutants