SAP Commerce for better shopping experience on the eKupi website


To provide a modern solution for technological support of business processes, to enable a better shopping experience.


The SAP Commerce system enables centralised management of the catalogue of products and services for all regional countries, easy content management and promotion creation, and better customer support.


A better shopping experience and simpler execution of business processes due to timely communications and exchange of information.

For eKupi, being the largest Internet shop in Croatia and the region means achieving over 100,000 hits on the website daily, and being able to deliver more than 350,000 orders via the webshop each year. Operating in five countries in the region on localised webshops would not be successful without the support of a strong information system.

The fundamental business goal of the company eKupi is to offer its clients a wide range of products and services via the ekupi.hr webshop platform. In order to ensure that the shopping experience is both simple and pleasant, the company is continuously working to improve the platform, which implies the need for the newest technology.


Centralised catalogue of products and services

SAP Commerce is the central system that supports overall company operations. It contains data on all products and services, in the form of a centralised catalogue for the website, in all the countries where the company operates.

The system enables real time operations, with the exchange of information between all participants in the ordering and delivery processes (IPG, ERP, warehouse).

The advantage of the system is that it simultaneously provides all functionalities on all the markets of the countries where it is operational.

SAP Commerce system

  • omni-channel platform that unifies all data on products, orders and customers
  • enables simple management of web content via the intuitive webpage management tool, without the need for additional development
  • possibility of creating wide range of sales promotions
  • supports multiple language and currencies

Implemented Modules

  • Smartedit
    Module for multi-channel web content management. Enables the creation of static and dynamic websites using templates, creation and overview of navigation, and scheduling future displays of web content.
  • Assistant Service Module (ASM)
    Module for customer support agents that enables real time customer support, execution of actions on behalf of the customer and an overview of the most recent customer activities.
  • Order Management
    Module to support the ordering process, from creating orders, e-mail communication with the customer, integration with ERP and warehousing systems, to monitoring order status.
  • Promotion Engine
    Module for creating promotions and customer coupons, in unlimited number and combinations, based on templates. Enables the automatic activation of promotions based on the defined duration period and verification that all criteria are met.
  • Backoffice
    Interface for administrative tasks: overview and configuration of user rights, creation of product catalogues, review of orders and business processes, configuration of taxes, delivery, input and output of data, system configuration.
  • HAC
    Administrative console for the systematic configuration of the SAP Commerce platform and monitoring.


The project holder is KING ICT, while the implementation of the solution was carried out in cooperation with Corvus Info company.