Security screening and baggage handling at Dubrovnik Airport


As part of modernisation, expansion and

capacity increase of the airport, baggage

handling system improvement and

acceleration was required.


Automated system for the baggage receipt,

security scanning and handling.


A quicker handling process for passenger

baggage from the moment of check-in

until the final loading on the selected flight,

and a higher level of security scanning of

checked baggage.

Dubrovnik Airport cooperates with dozens of air carriers with over 2 million passengers each year. Increasing growth is expected in the coming years, primarily due to the strong development of tourism in the southern Dalmatian cities. Modernization and expansion of the passenger terminal has become an imperative, with passenger safety at the forefront.

The new passenger terminal at Dubrovnik Airport was opened in 2017 as planned by the Reconstruction Project and expansion of the airport. The new terminal is the basis of the infrastructure that will enable the appropriate level of service in receiving and handling passengers, with the necessary adjustments for the Schengen regime.

In order to increase the security aspects of the airport, while also providing the best services for passengers in the processes of baggage sorting and handling, KING ICT has been working with daughter company Pametna energija d.o.o. to implement an automated system for the receipt, security scanning and handling of baggage in the new terminal.

The system components include:

  • Baggage receipt system consisting of 34 check-in counters, of which 17 are self bag drops, with 10 self check-in stations.
  • Security screening system for checked baggage which includes the newest generation EDS (Explosive Detection Systems) Standard 3 devices, with related IT and communications infrastructure, as well as baggage barcode scanning devices
  • Baggage handling system (BHS) and automatic sorting system, which sorts checked and scanned baggage according to the selected flight.
self bag
self check-
in stations.

System advantages:

  • For passengers, users of the airport’s services have access to more check-in options for their flight and their baggage, thus reducing time spent in queues
  • Baggage handling process from the moment of check-in to loading on the proper flight now takes less time
  • Security scanning of checked baggage has been raised to a higher level, reducing the possibilities of carriage of prohibited items

Automated system for the baggage receipt, security scanning and handling.

What was KING ICT’s role in this project?

  • Supervisory control system and data collection
  • Programmable logical control devices
  • Outgoing baggage receipt system (16 classic check-in desks, 17 hybrid check-in desks, and one large luggage check-in desk)
  • Security screening system for outgoing baggage
  • Outgoing baggage transport and sorting system
  • Incoming baggage handling system

This project was partially financed with European Union funds.