King FED – Fusion Edge Device presented in Opatija

The jubilee 15th edition of the “Croatian Security Days” conference was held from 28–30 September 2022, with the participation of the expert team from KING ICT.

Matija Mandić, KING ICT director of the Sector for technical protection and passive network systems, held a talk entitled “High availability and cybernetic security concepts of technical protection systems”.

He presented and explained the security threats caused by malicious action in cyberspace and how this can threaten technical protection systems. He also stressed how the need for integration and interconnections of technical protection systems brings with it a higher exposure to potential attacks, which can result in system sabotage and takeovers.

“Technical protection systems are based on the sophisticated protection of information and communications infrastructure, and that is why they are essential for the prevention of and protection from cybernetic attacks,” said Matija.

This implies protection from unauthorised attacks, antivirus and antimalware protection, protection from cryptoviruses (zero day attacks), and protection from information leaks within protected network infrastructure. Matija used the example of a high availability system (that relies on redundant network infrastructure and a highly accessible virtualised environment) to illustrate the important characteristics of modern software defined IT infrastructure that virtualises all elements of the conventional hardware defined systems.

FED – Fusion Edge Device
Through Matija’s presentation, the KING ICT product FED-Fusion Edge Device was presented. This device was developed as part of the project INUKING, co-financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development.

FED is an integrated hardware platform for different network and bus technologies, IoT (Internet of Things), sensors, cameras, network devices, etc. It supports the processing of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. The device uses the most advanced technologies to protect communications with the integrated cryptoprocessor (TPM).

“FED is a powerful response to the most complex integration demands that must be remotely processed, and the processing results securely sent to the central programming platform,” concluded Matija.