ERPsim workshop: Think it’s simulated? You bet it is – in a fun and successful way!

The KING ICT experts Mihael and Marko, say “we simulate, and it’s a lot of fun and successful too”. The widely known business process simulation system ERPsim, has yet again been put to the test, this time with highly skilled participants divided into four teams that were all extremely successful on the set-up virtual market.

ERPsim is a platform developed at the University of Montreal that enables virtual learning through scenarios of simulating business processes. It stimulates participants to think about business, offering them a first-hand experience at understanding the roles within a company and the impacts of certain decisions on the business environment. It also enables them to experience the strength and values of the SAP S/4HANA systems.

After a short introduction and explanation of the activities to be carried out in the simulation, participants quickly set off in their roles of running their virtual businesses for the distribution of healthy snacks. In a very short time period, the active price changes and executing timely procurement activities became an important requirement for achieving higher profits. An unavoidable element was marketing, aimed at trying to achieve the best possible business results.

In this 60-minute virtual simulation and battle between the teams to achieve the highest profits, teams worked madly right up until the end to achieve the best possible result. This is also seen in the following graph that shows how first place changed by the minute.

With the expiry of the final minute and the end of the simulation, the winning team A took first place with just a minimal edge over the other teams. The total results were based on the total profits achieved – as shown in the system report below.

The workshop was run by the experts from KING ICT, Marko Nenadović (senior support coordinator) and Mihael Žagar (support coordinator), who already have the experience of running several successful workshops.

“We are certain that the participants were really relieved once the simulation was over because it was so tense in the final minutes of the virtual battle for the best business result. This was also a fun and pleasurable experience for them,” said Marko.

The participant survey completed after the end of the workshop also confirmed that the participants were very satisfied with the ERPsim workshop.

Want to give the ERP simulation a try? Want to get to know the SAP system and how to work in it? If you dare to test your strategies in running a virtual company, then feel free to contact the experts from KING ICT, who will be pleased to organise a similar workshop for you.

Marko Nenadović – marko.nenadovic@king-ict.hr
Mihael Žagar – mihael.zagar@king-ict.hr