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ERPsim workshop: Think it’s simulated? You bet it is – in a fun and successful way!

The KING ICT experts Mihael and Marko, say “we simulate, and it’s a lot of fun and successful too”. The widely known business process simulation system ERPsim, has yet again been put to the test, this time with highly skilled participants divided into four teams that were all extremely successful on the set-up virtual market. […]


How do companies use technology for better business?

Modern challenges and problems… We live in a time of sudden market changes and trends that force companies to rapidly adjust their business processes. Most companies are aware that it is necessary to introduce changes and reforms in order to follow such a modern way of doing business. Business reforms can be internal (if they […]


Presenting the KING Knowledge Centre

The KING Knowledge Centre is a newly opened education centre, aimed at promoting the newest knowledge and skills in the field of SAP technologies. As the only SAP Education Services partner in Croatia, the KING Knowledge Centre is authorised to provide education from the official SAP catalogue, encompassing all the working modules of SAP. The […]


KING ICT achieves new SAP status

Thanks to the Internet, in just seconds you can find a multitude of companies offering any service you need. But in this new B2B world, how can we choose which company is best to work with? Most rely on status that proves competencies or certificates to ensure that the provider will really provide the required […]


KING ICT presents its first SAP Cloud Platform application

On 30 April, KING ICT presented the integral version of its first SAP Cloud Platform application, entitled Utility Worker. The application is intended for the field staff of municipal companies, who need to verify the status of a work order in real time, prior to hooking up or disconnecting a service. The application was originally […]


KING ICT awarded with the recognition as a SAP Cloud Partner 2019

KING ICT was awarded with the recognition as a SAP Cloud Partner 2019 for its sales results in the previous year. This is the fourth year in a row that we have received this recognition as the most successful SAP partner in Croatia in one of the sales categories – cloud subscriptions, on-premise licences or […]