How do companies use technology for better business?

Modern challenges and problems…

We live in a time of sudden market changes and trends that force companies to rapidly adjust their business processes. Most companies are aware that it is necessary to introduce changes and reforms in order to follow such a modern way of doing business. Business reforms can be internal (if they happen inside the organization) or external (if they also affect the relationship with final clients). But, how do you decide which reform is the best and what solution is optimal for your business? It’s really important to know how to answer that question. Organizations often decide on custom-made new software and applications. They believe such ‘tailor-made’ solutions will help them in their day-to-day activities.

However, creating and implementing such software can be complicated, long-term, and expensive. That can be especially inconvenient if the business needs to implement the reform on short notice.

…And modern solutions.
That’s why a lot of organizations decide to use tools like SAP BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform). BTP is a unique open platform that connects different business applications all in one place.

BTP has a portfolio of technologies that make your business more

agile and

Businesses can use analytics, automatization and integration, and AI. They can also manage data better, develop applications, etc. Using tools available on the BTP platform, your company will achieve its full potential and optimize its business processes. And at the same time, you won’t have to invest in additional infrastructure. It also contains the best standards in the world and examples of good business practice, which is useful to all companies – regardless of their size and the services their offer.

The primary goal of SAP BTP is the integration with SAP applications or third-party applications that are in the cloud or the on-premise ERP or the company’s other systems where data is stored. Rarely BTP is used as a stand-alone “island” system with all components like database, data entry, processes, etc. without connecting to any of the data source systems.

How exactly can BTP help your company?

There are four main areas of the platform where you can find the relevant applications and solutions:

Database and data management,
Application development and integration and
Intelligent technologies.

We will explain how you can use these areas in practice.

Manage data better…
Modern challenge:

Nowadays there is more data than ever that organizations need to manage and think about. That’s why an excessive amount of data and inadequate processing can slow down the entire company by hindering its business processes. Your organization won’t be productive if the system is lagging: if you are ‘losing yourself’ in data or frequently thinking about what to do with it.

BTP solution:
BTP contains everything necessary for storing, processing, accessing, integrating, and interpreting the data that the organization has. That helps your organization manage data easier, quicker, and better. The tools can be adjusted simply to your internal processes and needs, without hiring IT experts.

… and use analytics to put it in a wider context
Modern challenges:
Some data don’t mean much by themselves. They need to be put in a wider context in order to understand their meaning. You can make proper business decisions based on that. Some modern companies manage to solve the problem of storing data, but then they don’t do anything with that data – instead of using it to its full potential.

BTP solution:
BTP offers additional tools necessary for data processing and further relevant decision-making. You’ll have tools like business intelligence, extended analytics, cooperative planning, etc. at your disposal. These BTP solutions can import data from the organization itself, or they can combine it with data from third-party sources. After importing data, they create simulations and visualizations.

Machine learning is implemented in the solutions. Therefore they can automatically recognize anomalies in data and identify key performance indicators, among other things.

Besides that, analytics can give prognostic insights. Based on the data, they can predict what will happen with the data in the future. Using such predictions your company can create a plan for the continuation of the business. You will be able to promptly and readily respond to all challenges.

Develop and integrate applications

Modern challenge:
We mentioned before that organizations have a need for different applications and tools to help them in their day-to-day work. Unfortunately, often implementing a solution creates new difficulties in business processes instead of making them easier. Balancing a large number of applications can be complex, troublesome, time-consuming, and expensive.

BTP solution:
BTP contains the solutions necessary for the creation, development, and integration of business applications. Integration is made easy, regardless of whether the applications are installed in the cloud or on-premise. Also, it’s possible to integrate SAP and non-SAP solutions. A big advantage of BTP is that it’s an open platform that has strong support from the global developer community. Therefore BTP users can develop and adjust the solutions they need. Such an approach not only shortens the implementation process but also greatly lowers expenses. This will enable your company to innovate faster and make your business more agile.

Use smart technologies

Modern challenge:
Some companies still live in the past and don’t exploit the potential of modern technologies. They use outdated technologies and don’t think about digital transformation. Such businesses inevitably fall behind their competitors because they don’t use all available means.

BTP solution:
On the other hand, there are organizations that readily and quickly recognized the advantages of such technologies and implemented them in their processes. This opened the door for their future development and gave them an advantage over more skeptical companies. Smart technologies include the Internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and smart robotic process automation. It is difficult to detail how all these modern tools can change and improve your business. The sky is the limit. One thing is for certain – these technologies will be even more dominant and stronger in the future and it is imperative to use them. And as such, they are recognized in the BTP platform.

Why choose SAP BT?

Modern business is full of sudden challenges and changes. The aforementioned challenges unfortunately aren’t fiction, but reality. The fact that some companies waste so much time and resources on data processing is worrying. Also, some companies don’t even try to get additional value from their data. There’s a high possibility your company already encountered or will encounter at least one of those mentioned problems.

Fortunately, we live in a time of advanced solutions and technologies that can easily solve those, and many other, problems. Every company should think about how to use all opportunities it can. SAP BTP is definitely a platform that helps companies realize their full potential.

The biggest benefit of SAP BTP is the savings. You won’t have to maintain outdated technology or invest in some other infrastructure or spend money on expensive custom-made solutions. At the same time, you will optimize your business process and make your company more productive and able to earn more. Not a single member of your team wants to waste time on unnecessary activities that BTP solutions can take over.

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