KING ICT presents its first SAP Cloud Platform application

On 30 April, KING ICT presented the integral version of its first SAP Cloud Platform application, entitled Utility Worker.

The application is intended for the field staff of municipal companies, who need to verify the status of a work order in real time, prior to hooking up or disconnecting a service. The application was originally intended to aid workers disconnecting energy users. However, the most recent events have shown that Utility Worker, with some minor adjustments, can also be useful in other situations, such as determining the necessary requirements for reconnecting natural gas after this earthquake, or verifying whether the customer that the staff member will be in contact with is under self-isolation measures.

The application was developed under the mentorship of SAP experts as part of the programme SCP Development Accelerator, which KING ICT joined in 2019 thanks to its participation in the SAP Cloud Focus Partner programme.

For more about the application or commercial terms, please contact us at sapapp@king-ict.hr and view the lecture held by our development engineer at the Change conference while the application was still under development.