KING ICT BiH successfully implements the eCitizen project

Within the framework of the Municipal Environmental and Economic Management Project (MEG) financed by the Government of Switzerland, and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), KING ICT BiH has developed the eCitizen mobile application that will facilitate communications between citizens and the local authorities. eCitizen enables simple and transparent communications between citizens and local authorities, making it possible to send a request to a local administration body in just 5 clicks, while the response is made within 48 hours.The application also services to inform the public in unexpected and extraordinary situations, such as the termination of services and service information. This is particularly useful in times of crisis and can be applied to the entire country.

“Citizens are best aware of what they need, particularly in times of crisis. Through the eCitizen application, citizens have access to new and attractive means of expressing their needs and concerns towards the local authorities in BiH,” stated Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer, cooperation director at the Swiss Embassy in BiH.

“This application facilitates communications between citizens and local authorities, and contributes to more effective functioning of the local administration. Through its projects, KING ICT has been contributing to this process for many years. As pioneers in the e-administration projects, our company is very proud to have developed this solution. It will contribute to improving daily life in the local communities, not just in times of crises, but every day. The e-Citizen solution is highly flexible and can be quickly and easily adapted to apply to all administrative levels,” stated Adis Pobrić, director of KING ICT BiH.

The mobile application is adapted for both Android and iOS operating systems, and is available on Google Play and the App Store. The KING ICT software solution is also accessible as an online platform at The online platform will also soon include a module for citizen communications with local councils and boards, module for public debate, module for preparation of council meetings, etc.

Additional options will also be available on the online platform. The software also offers the option “Ask the mayor”, where through the Information Service, citizens will be able to obtain information about municipal issues within 48 hours.