King once again in the programme SAP Cloud Focus Partner Initiative

KING ICT has again been accepted into the SAP Cloud Focus Partner initiative, aimed at assisting SAP partners in the sale and implementation of SAP cloud solutions, and to develop their own products based on SAP Cloud Platform technologies.

Again this year, all included partners will enjoy the benefit of exclusive access to SAP training and support in the processes of project development and sales.

Over the past period, KING ICT took advantage of its participation in the SAP Cloud Platform Development Accelerator for CEE to develop its first SCP application, Utility Worker. The comprehensive version of the application will be presented at the end of April.

Through its participation in the SAP Cloud Focus Partner initiative, over the past year, KING ICT has achieved the best sales results of all SAP partners in Croatia, and in February of this year, it received the award for being the SAP Cloud Partner 2019.