Presenting the KING Knowledge Centre

The KING Knowledge Centre is a newly opened education centre, aimed at promoting the newest knowledge and skills in the field of SAP technologies.

As the only SAP Education Services partner in Croatia, the KING Knowledge Centre is authorised to provide education from the official SAP catalogue, encompassing all the working modules of SAP. The Centre provides assistance in learning and mastering skills to all participants. In addition to education in SAP systems, the Knowledge Centre also offers targeted development sessions for expert teams, and programmes adapted to the specific needs of the end user.

In order to help participants extract the maximum from the education sessions offered, a team of professional SAP consultants with long-standing experience of working in SAP is on hand.

The KING Knowledge Centre enables those organisations using SAP technologies to achieve greater efficacy and productivity, and enables employees and users to engage in professional development and master their skills in the newest SAP products and solutions. The courses cover all the modules, from technical to corporate. Following the completed course, attendees may advance to obtain certification, thereby obtaining personal recognition that will help them move up in their career.

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