Service Management Policy

In our Company*, we are focused on providing the highest quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. In our commitment to excellence, we have adopted the service management system policy. It is aligned with the ISO 20 000 standard, and with it we commit to:

Implementing services specified in the service management system plan in a manner that meets the requirements of the services, and meets the requirements of the tender documentation (where applicable),providing high quality IT services, constantly improving the efficacy of our services and the service management system.

The Company Management Board communicates the service management system policy to all Company employees through regular meetings with associates, project meetings, annual planning processes, electronic communication channels, such as e-mail, Intranet, newsletters, etc.

In order to fulfil these requirements and ensure a high level of service quality, we have implemented the goals for the service management system, and goals at the level of each of our business processes. This policy is subject to regular verification of its appropriate purpose in the context of the Company, and the valid version is always publicly available on the internet.

Rev. 1, 2020-12-10
Plamenko Barišić, President of the KING ICT  Menagment Board

* The Company consists of affiliated companies: KING ICT Ltd., Zagreb (with subsidiaries: Service Center Osijek, Service Center Rijeka, Service Center Split)