How we equipped the educational corner at the Igra Society

The premises of the Igra Society now have a new educational corner, equipped with computers, an LED TV, presentation equipment and complete furnishings. That means that the beneficiaries of the centre now have a modern space to learn, work and have fun. A space where they can write their resumes, prepare presentations, study… The idea was to help the users with these fundamental issues, so that with a little help from the Society staff, they can become better prepared for independent living and inclusion into society.

The staff of KING ICT were pleased to pay a visit to the society premises. All the proceeds from the 4th Change Conference, held in late September, were donated for this project, to support the efforts of this society to support youth from alternative forms of care to help them become more independent and ready for their inclusion into society.

“KING ICT has done something wonderful for us and for our beneficiaries. Something so significant, there are no words to describe it. This space that has been renovated is used for workshops, group work, supervision, meetings, individual work, consultations, education, and for children and youth to spend their free time. Now we have a number of computers that youth, who have just come out of homes and foster care, can use to look for work, apartments, to acquire new competencies and skills, and to research the things that will help them as they prepare for independent living, and as a pleasant place to spend their free time,” said Maja Malčić, expert associated in the Igra Society.

“The children who come here now have more diverse content to take advantage of, and those attending our education sessions can now work in a more pleasant and functional space. There are so many benefits, it is difficult to list them. We are happy and proud that KING ICT selected us, and recognised the work we are doing, our efforts and dedication to our beneficiaries. This has given us some wind beneath our wings, and we are infinitely grateful for this,” she added.

“I am pleased that we have had the opportunity to participate in this initiative, the easiest part was installing the elements and equipping the space. Thanks to the Change Conference, and all those who purchased tickets to attend, we have done a good deed, just at this time when Santa Claus is compiling his list,” said Anto Tomaš, a Database administrator at KING ICT who participated in this project.

Perhaps the best proof of how much such initiatives mean to young people is seen in this story told by a KING human resources associate. “As I was volunteering at the society a few months ago, a young man approached me and told me he wanted to become a Software Developer. Though he had recently received his qualifications to become a plumber, he was teaching himself programming. I invited him to the Change Conference, to meet us. He came, and we even took a photo together, and I gave him that photo on the day of the conference. At the opening of the renovated premises, I met his sister. When I asked her about him, she told me that he had pasted that photo on his closet door at home,” said Željko Sitar with a smile.

For many years, the Igra Society has been helping and supporting children and youth without adequate parental care, and children and youth with behavioural issues who are growing up, or lived, in homes and foster families. The society offers prevention programmes for children, offers counselling and psychological support for children, youth and families, and offers educational programmes for experts.

KING ICT has stated that the company will continue to participate in such charity initiatives, and stories like this one are even greater motivation to continue offering a hand to those in need.