In Šibenik: KING ICT to implement one of the most modern video surveillance systems in Croatia

KING ICT is entering 2021 with a new contract focused on the safety of children and traffic participants, as well as on traffic analysis and crime prevention, to raise the general level of safety in the city. A contract has been signed with the City of Šibenik on the installation of a video surveillance system. This is just the start of the construction of the “smart city system”, and two-thirds of all cameras will cover preschools, schools, children’s playgrounds and roads.

Through this project, KING ICT will be building one of Croatia’s most modern video surveillance systems, aimed at ensuring a high level of security, with particular focus on the safety of children, public and private property. Furthermore, the system will serve to track tourism movements, reduce crowds and create sustainable tourism policies.

KING ICT CEO Plamenko Barišić thanked the Šibenik city council for their trust. “In all cities where we have installed video surveillance systems, concrete and positive results were observed very quickly, such as a reduced number of misdemeanours, criminal acts and traffic accidents. Šibenik is a beautiful city with increasing numbers of visitors every year, and I am exceptionally pleased to receive this opportunity to help the community plan its long-term development,” he said.


Matija Mandić, director of the KING ICT Technical Protection and Liabilities Sector presented the positive experience of cities in Croatia and the world.

“Criminal acts have been reduced, investigations are resolved faster, emergency services arrive faster, and the flow and safety of traffic are increased. The legislation of Croatia and the EU pays particular attention to the protection of personal data. The privacy of citizens is protected by law and by the technical solutions. Unauthorised use of recordings is a criminal act. The control room is a protected with a technical protection system, and can only be accessed by authorised persons. All reviews and handovers of recordings remain permanently logged in the system. After a certain amount of time, recordings that are not the subject of proceedings are automatically deleted,” stated Mandić.


Deputy Mayor of Šibenik, Danijel Mileta, revealed some of the details of the Šibenik system, stating that the city expects its investment to be paid off within several years. “We have focused the majority of our attention on the safety of children and traffic. Two-thirds of cameras will cover preschools, schools, children’s playgrounds, roads, intersections and entrances into the city from the Adriatic highway. The remainder will be installed at sites with the highest number of misdemeanours, such as parks, bus stations, squares, beaches and other public areas. We believe that this is a profitable investment that will generate a return in just a few years. This is also the foundation for setting up the smart city system, based on a series of solutions to reduce traffic during the tourism season and in planning the sustainable development of tourism,” he said.

This contract is valued at HRK 14.4 million, plus VAT, with an execution period of two years.