KING ICT opens office in Brussels: a great step west for the Croatian IT company

The Croatian IT company KING ICT is now locally present in the Benelux region following the opening of an office in Brussels. The new office currently has a staff of three with plans for expansion.

“We are excited and encouraged by the positive feedback of our clients, particularly in the field of security, such as NATO and NCIA, and our global technology and integration partners working with us on projects in the Benelux region, and we look optimistically towards further development of our business. Through the upcoming period, we want the KING office in Benelux to become a driver of internal innovation and technological development,” stated Željko Galić, manager of the KING ICT Belgium office.

Photo: Željko Galić

“We chose Brussels as the location for the office for obvious reasons, since Brussels is the seat of the EU, NATO and other significant regulatory and financial institutions. This is where the future of Europe is drafted and where discussions are held on significant budgets and projects. Also, the office is located in the central part of the Benelux region as our target market,” explained Galić.

He added that experience to date has shown that there is room here for high quality and agile ICT companies, as the value delivered is the main criteria for success, relying on in-house capacities and resources, and a network of strong Croatian and global partners.

KING ICT is increasing its focus on Western markets. In 2023, the company started the successfully implemented project for the NATO Agency (NCI Agency) in the field of cyber security, and continued it with a new, valuable contract with the NCI Agency. Simply put, this means that in the next two years, the company KING ICT will be handling responsible tasks of the highest priority and implementation of the newest cyber security solutions for NATO.

“We are exceptionally proud that stories like this one prove that Croatia is a country of great experts and advanced IT solutions, and that our companies can equaly compete in international tenders, against even the greatest global IT names,” was the statement from KING ICT.