KING ICT @ SIGG: 112-SFERA and streaming via wireless 5G infrastructure

At the conference “Civil Protection and City Safety” (SIGG) held in Dubrovnik on 7 – 8 April 2022, the experts from KING ICT presented the newest technological novelties in advanced video analytical processing and live streaming via 5G infrastructure, and advanced software solutions for emergency situation management for the system 112-SFERA.

Through a very interesting presentation, the KING ICT head of research and innovation operations,

Dražen Pavlić, presented KING’s new program solution – SFERA. This solution supports Emergency Service 112 operators in ensuring a rapid response, improving the efficacy of processing emergency events. This solution has improved the functioning of services in assisting citizens in emergency situations.

Dražen stated that the system uses verified recordings of calls so as to secure the necessary protection and security of call data. With call display and the name of the caller, the system enables multiple call manipulations, and all relevant data on calls and operator actions are recorded in the database. This enables reporting based on selected criteria and enables searching, also based on selected criteria, which greatly contributes to the transparency of the service operation.

“Due to how the 112 Service functions, there is no room for error or slowness anywhere in the process, from receiving the call and processing it to alarming the appropriate emergency service. That is why it is exceptionally important that the service the 112 operators use is reliable, fast, easy to use and enables them to access all the available functionalities that are essential for the impeccable execution of these tasks,” concluded Dražen in his presentation.

In the practical part of the conference, the experts from KING ICT presented the video analysis system for illegal parking and stopping, which completely automatically detects vehicles in areas where stopping is prohibited. Through the program solution developed by King, the vehicle is automatically processed for the violation. A report is then prepared for the Traffic services in order to create the misdemeanour order in the Traffic system.

“A special feature of the presented solution is the unburdening of Traffic system operators through this automated processing of analytical events in the camera itself, using the newest analytical technology based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. These analytical technologies enable the automatic recognition of vehicles in the general surveillance area of the camera, analysis of the time the vehicle spends in the prohibited stopping zone, and enables automated photography of the vehicle in violation and automated recognition of licence plates, providing the data needed to verify the vehicle owner, with the aim of creating the misdemeanour order,” explained the King director of technical protection and assets, Matija Mandić.

Visitors were particularly interested in a demo presentation of the transmission of high resolution video signal via wireless 5G infrastructure. Conference participants had the opportunity to see just how this video analytical system works for video surveillance connected via the 5G communication infrastructure.

The King network technology expert, Dino Leko, explained the benefits of using 5th generation transmission technology, as a highly permeable broadband communication channel with very low latency and synergies with IoT technologies and new generation networks.