Matija Mandić: From the Internet of Things to 3D City Modelling

In Zagreb, The 4th ZG Urban Security Forum (Crime prevention day) was held focusing on innovative practice and urban security.

King expert and director of Technical Security and Passive Systems Matija Mandić also participated at the conference, giving a talk on the subject of “Innovative concepts of urban security”.

Mandić discussed technological development and the application of advanced information, communication and security technology in city systems, as well as the application of artificial intelligence concepts and sensors based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

The demonstrations were particularly interesting and displayed the use of artificial intelligence concepts in video surveillance and traffic analysis systems, the concept of augmented reality in security projects and the visualisation of critical infrastructure and the applications of unmanned aircraft and 3D city modelling systems.

“The application of innovative technologies is an important determinant of the development of modern cities, and can strongly contribute to raising the standard of living, preventing crime and improving resident safety,” stated Matija Mandić.