PROJECTS REINVENTED: KING’s Branko Rogić speaks at the JumpIt forum

This year’s JumpIt, entitled “Practical experiences of business in global pandemic conditions and how we won!”, and was geared towards the IT industry, telecom and banking and financial sectors.

Branko Rogić, head of the KING ICT Project Sector, participated in the panel entitled “Projects past, present and future – best practices & lessons learned during eighteen months of projects during the Covid crisis”.

Participants had the chance to learn more about the real experiences and challenges faced over the past year and a half, with a focus on project management. At the conference, speakers talked about new solutions and platforms, and participants received valuable information about the current economic conditions and were able to get a sneak peak at future business trends.

What is the situation on the ICT and digital services market in Croatian today? What is the business outlook for IT? How were projects managed in the Covid pandemic conditions? Why are we stronger, smarter and better positioned on today’s business market?

Our Branko and 22 other speakers and panellists will respond to these and many other questions.