New HD signal data centre for all RTL channels


To build a modern data centre as the foundation for the company’s digital transformation in order to provide viewers with the highest quality picture in HD resolution on all its channels.


A data centre with modern and consolidated infrastructure.


Data centre infrastructure that enables programme broadcasting in HD resolution, optimal support for existing programmes and the simple addition of new programmes.

Modern TV receiver technology brings viewers a clear, sharp image as well as unique and realistic viewing experience in HD resolution. Following the newest technological trends and needs of its customers, the RTL media company has undergone digital transformation and improved the signal of all its channels.

RTL Hrvatska is part of the RTL Group, under the parent company Bertelsmann, a private, German, multinational media conglomerate operating in services, media and education. In 2004, RTL began broadcasting its first channel in Croatia. Today, the group has eight channels (three free national channels, four IPTV channels and one international channel), the largest free video platform in the country, and RTL Play that serves as an on-demand internet streaming provider. In late 2018, RTL Hrvatska began the process of improving its digital transformation and consolidating its IT infrastructure.

The new business strategy of one of Croatia’s largest media companies includes broadcasting in HD resolution on all channels, thereby providing RTL viewers with the highest quality picture.

Construction of the new data centre was completed in 75 days. Particular challenge was migration from the existing to the new data centre, as it was necessary to transfer the connection live. This was successfully executed, without interruption of any of the programs.

The first step in the process of improving digital transformation was to construct a new data centre with consolidated IT infrastructure that can support the creation and transmission of existing programmes, and enable a simple addition of new programmes in the future.

KING ICT’s role in the project

  • Adapting the space for housing the data centre, including interior and exterior works, with an emphasis on the visual refurbishment of the interior
  • Installation of IT communication racks with two power distribution unit par rack
  • Installation of independent power sources to reduce the risk of system shutdown
  • Installation of a redundant power system, including UPS, modernisation of the main power distribution unit, distribution racks for the A and B blocks
  • Installation of a new cooling system with chillers and in-row units, including a modern, redundant cooling distribution unit (CDU) and hot air containment systems
  • Surveillance system with monitoring of temperature, humidity and water leak senzors
  • Use of technology by the producer Schneider Electric (APC, Uniflare, switch equipment)

Characteristics of the modern, new data centre

  • The new data centre is housed in 80m2right next to the RTL main studio, enabling the rapid flow of data in the shortest period of time
  • Use of redundant two-block power source to minimise business risks
  • Instead of the standard IT communication racks, 56U high IT communication racks were installed for optimal use of the space