Video surveillance technology for advanced smart cities @ Road Traffic Safety

Matija Mandić, KING ICT’s director of the Technical Security and Passive Network Solutions Sector, participated in the Road Traffic Safety conference, held on 7 June 2022 at Zagreb’s Westin Hotel. Matija held a lecture entitled “Video analytics and traffic management in the smart cities concept”.

In the introduction of his presentation, Matija stressed that city traffic systems have to ensure comprehensive analysis, taking into account all the systems and concepts that affect traffic flows and road safety. He spoke about innovative solutions to protect pedestrians, through the creation of 3D crosswalks and interactive light signalization. He stressed the need to create protected bicycle routes to improve cyclist safety. He also highlighted the importance of motivating citizens to use all available forms of public transport, as this would significantly reduce the traffic load in peak hours. He touched on the importance of regulating traffic speed limits in cities, and increasing traffic flow, as this also affects the level of air and noise pollution, since lower vehicle speeds and better flow give off lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce noise emissions.

In the second part of the lecture, Matija spoke about the importance of using video analysis technology. In interactions with adapted traffic management systems, this can bring significant results in monitoring traffic load in the city grid, and can also improve traffic flow. He especially pointed out the interactions with public transport systems (PTS) through creating special lane load prioritisation. This would ensure abidance with the driving rules and provide a better level of service to citizens, who could at any time track a PTS vehicle and know the expected arrival time at the station. Video analysis technology in buses and trams would enable passenger counts in real time, thus significantly assisting staff in having real insight into the traffic land load.

“Using video analysis cameras to detect parking and stopping violations has significantly enabled order in stopped traffic, as it allows for effective sanctions against vehicles parked in green spaces, on sidewalks, and in prohibited stopping zones,” explained Matija. He presented the new solutions that KING ICT has developed and is successfully implementing in a large number of cities and towns. The solution enables fully automated detection of violations, recognition of licence registration places, detection of streets and house numbers of cars stopped where stopping is prohibited, enables verification of vehicle ownership, and the creation and sending of the misdemeanour order.

In the conclusion of his presentation, Matija explained the use of analytical technologies that enable effective detection of driving without a seatbelt or drivers using mobile phones while on the road, which can be exceptionally dangerous. Namely, even a short 2-second glance at your mobile phone when driving at a speed of 60 km/h results in a complete loss of perception of your environment for a diameter of 30 metres.

Finally, he presented a project that KING ICT is currently participating in to develop an automatic highway accident detection system on the HAC motorways. This is currently one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe. “Through advanced analytical cameras for the detection of incidents in tunnels, in addition to our standard analytical capabilities, we are also able to detect: driving in the wrong direction, slow vehicles, stopped vehicles, appearance of pedestrians in tunnels, and more, with the advanced ability to detect the appearance of smoke and open flame in the earliest phases of burning. This can save lives, as in tunnels, every second is precious in securing a timely intervention,” stressed Matija.