Change Code Hackathon 2019

The second edition of the Change Code Hackathon, organised in cooperation with the Bioteka society, has ended. Participants were faced with the challenges that the society faces in popularising STEM content. The objective of the Hackathon was to come up with solutions that will assist Bioteka in presenting STEM content to a wider audience, and show that STEM can really be fun.

The competition was held under the watchful eye of the Change Code organising team, and the five-member jury, who guided and advised participants in their quest to successfully execute their solutions.

This year’s five-member panel was made up of Professor Dr. Vedran Mornar, Prototyp COO Andrej Mlinarević, chairman of the HUJAK Association Branko Mihaljević, Chairman of the Board of KING ICT Plamenko Barišić, and CEO of Bioteka Kristina Duvnjak. The panel also judged the designed solutions and also the pitch of the solution, which proved to make all the difference. Seven teams (D++, Bubašvabe, TDAM, Više manje samo Kanye, Tintilinići, KKF, and Random team) all showed knowledge and creativity, but one team stood above all the rest for its wow factor.
Third place and the 5,000 kuna prize went to Anton Filipović, Patrik Fumić, Luka Lazanja and Josip Kasaš from the team D++, who presented STEM solutions through gamification. Second place and the 10,000 kuna prize went to the KKF team: Marin Krešo, Matteo Miloš, Frano Ćaleta and Ivan Rezić, thanks to their solution to popularise STEM fields using machine learning, web and android applications.

Proof that hard work and perseverance do pay off is the comeback team, Više manje samo Kanye. Zvonimir Matić, Karlo Butorac, Luka Kiseljak and Fran Grgić came up with a StemIT application that impressed the panel and took home the 20,000 kuna prize. The team’s application serves as an aggregate of expert and semi-expert works or articles, presented in such a way as to stimulate the user to research STEM areas they are less knowledgeable about. The team presented the comprehensive solution and won over all those present with their presentation.

In addition to the main prize. All competitors and participants of Change Code also took part in the prize game #changecode. The prize went to Marin, Matteo, Frano and Ivan from the KKF team thanks to their activity on social media.

For more information about the Hackathon please check the official web pages.