Davor Lađarević: “The purpose is not being digital, but enabling growth”

The 10th annual GALP conference was held, with the aim of raising awareness of how to successfully modernise and transform companies.

The main theme of this year’s conference was “From Lean to Industry 4.0: transformation to a competitive, digital and green company”. The conference included numerous experts from Croatian companies to present their innovative solutions and share their knowledge, experience and advice.

Davor Lađarević, head of business solution development at KING, held a lecture entitled “Digital transformation in Industry 4.0 – opportunities, challenges and risks”. He spoke of the development of new technologies and explained how using and implementing technology opens the possibility for new approaches to development, production and the supply chain. Participants were able to learn how to recognise opportunities, respond to challenges and reduce operating risks.

“The purpose of digital transformation is not to be digital, but to enable growth. Similarly, not only is the use of new technologies important for business success, but the willingness to accept them throughout the entire value chain and in the business as a whole,” stressed Davor.

Though challenging, rapid digital transformation and competitiveness of the market are even more challenging under these pandemic conditions, and therefore it is important for companies and their employees can recognise business opportunities that will contribute to growth, modernisation and progress.