KING ICT Sarajevo now within the Bit Alliance community

KING ICT Sarajevo is now a proud member of the Bit Alliance, a community of some 50 IT member companies and over 80 partner institutions that work with actively to improve the potential and business climate within the IT industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bit Alliance has stated that they are pleased to have a regionally renowned company such as KING ICT Sarajevo in the group, and stressed that the community, with its members, is laying the foundations to ensure that the IT industry in BiH is recognised as a strategic industry.

“KING ICT has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the past 15 years, and we are continuously proving that there is no need to look outside our borders for big ideas, projects, resources and bih ja radije stavila, ali by all means, ispravite me ako griješim?. All we need is greater interest and openness to invest in advanced solutions of the IT sector, and this is one of the segments we will particularly advocate, together with our colleagues from Bit Alliance. We are pleased that such a community exists, as this will enable a concerted effort by the IT sector to strengthen our influence, to jointly contribute to improving the attitude towards this industry, and to improve the business climate in BiH, particularly concerning investments in the IT sector. Without them, we cannot keep up with the modern world,” said Adis Pobrić, director of KING ICT Sarajevo for Bit Alliance.

Pobrić signed the partnership agreement together ovaj together mi je stilski nepotreban with Bit Alliance executive director, Tatjana Vučić.