German Erasmus+ pupils: “Student practice at KING ICT was excellent, we learned a lot”

Nicholas Kindling (Nick) and Mestan Dzhan attend secondary school in Mainz, Germany, and the Erasmus+ program made it possible for them to do their student practical learning at KING ICT. The pupils spend a month working on projects and learned a great deal alongside the KING ICT project experts. Nick joined Team 3 in the Development Department and worked on Java technologies, which Dzhan spend a month in Team 1 in the Development Department, where he worked with .net technologies.

According to BHV Education, while a high grade point average is key to enrol in most Croatian universities, foreign universities prefer pupils who have taken the initiative to gain experience and have been bold enough to take on practical learning, particularly in a foreign country. That is why this practical learning of Nick and Dzhan is excellent preparation and will give them a competitive edge when applying for university. “I can only say that this has been an excellent experience. I received the first hand opportunity to see how project teams function, I had the opportunity to learn and to help, and I learned a great deal about Java from my mentor. I like the Croatian culture, and I am sad that it passed so quickly, because I’d like to spend more time at KING ICT,” said Nick.

His friend Dzhan had a similar impression. “It was great to see how teams work ‘on the inside’. Everyone was really helpful and I would especially like to thank my mentor for always being available to answer my questions. Either on the project I was working on, or just in general, even questions I had about some of my school lessons. I really like Zagreb, the people are really open and friendly,” he said.

KING ICT is pleased that these pupils decided to do their practical learning with them and look forward to more experiences like this. The practice of sharing knowledge and experiences and investing in young people is a strong focus at KING ICT, and so this experience was just as valuable and fun for the KING experts as it was for Nick and Dzhan.