NATO Agency project: KING ICT winner of the Special Charter of Excellence and Project International Recognisability

The Project Management Institute (PMI) Croatia has awarded Luka Kaštelančić (KING ICT senior project manager) and KING ICT the “Special Charter of Excellence and Project International Recognisability” for the project SIEM Technology Refresh, a project implemented for a NATO Agency.

The project included the delivery and implementation of an advanced SIEM solution in the field of cyber security with complete contemporary IT infrastructure for a NATO Agency (NCI Agency).

This Charter is a great recognition for the KING ICT project team experts, the project manager Luka Kaštelančić and the entire company. This project marks the company’s greatest steps forward onto the international market.

“I am proud of this important recognition and am grateful to the institute PMI Croatia for recognising the magnitude of this project and its significance for Croatia in the international context. I wish to thank all our project partners, particularly in the KING ICT project team, which is most responsible for the fact that we not only justified the confidence given to us among the strong international competition and in this security and restrictive environment, but also raised the bar for the quality of delivery, by completing this complex and challenging project within the defined scope, schedule and budget for the client – NATO Agency,” said Luka Kaštelančić, senior project manager at KING ICT.