KING ICT’s upcoming project in the Netherlands

KING ICT has signed a contract with the NATO Agency of Communications and Information on the implementation of IT network equipment in the Netherlands.

This project will unfold in Den Haag over the course of 2 months. In addition to being strong recognition for the KING ICT experts, this contract is worth HRK 5 million, proving that Croatian companies can participate and win in international public tenders. “We are certain that the contracted project will stimulate other Croatian ICT companies to participate in similar international tenders. “It is absolutely certain that we have the necessary knowledge and competence on par with our competitors,” read the statement from KING ICT.

The contracted project is part of the KING ICT’s strategy of expanding its operations into international markets. In addition to regional markets, over the past year, KING ICT has implemented a series of projects in the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, and Qatar, particularly in the area of cybersecurity.