Presentation of new solutions

At the 14th edition of the conference Open Integration Day, the Demo Room featured 20 premier presentations of new solutions, including those by KING and by their partners. The solutions intended to improve cyber security, solutions for advanced video analysis surveillance concepts, KING SFERA, and the customer inquiry management solutions attracted the most visitor attention.

The KING Sfera system is used as a basic tool in the work of local and regional emergency services, such as 112, ambulance, fire fighters and others. This system enables coordination, mutual communication and sharing of data between multiple emergency services, thereby avoiding any loss of time in urgent situations.

Visitors also showed substantial interest in the SAP Retail solutions. These are industrial solutions for managing retail businesses that facilitate price planning, unified article management, monitoring market research, procurement of goods, and monitoring customers and their habit

For all those who have problems with countless Excel tables and unanswered emails, experts were on hand to present the Customer inquiry management system. This solution manages and processes customer inquiries, unifying the collected inquiries into structured form, thereby ensuring timely correspondence.

Finally, the Smart City solution was particularly interesting, which applies artificial technologies in cities in order to manage traffic demand, especially the very important segment of pedestrian traffic.

For more information about the presented solutions, visit the official website of the Open Integration Day.