Marseille: KING ICT at the EENA 2022 conference

In the coming days, Marseille is set to be the host of Europe’s largest public safety conference – EENA 2022. This conference traditionally brings together representatives of the public sector and technology sector, emergency services and EU institutions from nearly the entire world. Upon their return, our representatives Zoran Perak, Head of software programming development, Domagoj Poljak, Head of regional business development, and Dražen Pavlić, Head of research, development and innovations, will inform us of all the novelties, newest achievements and plans in the future development of technology, such as eCall, caller locating, a public alert system and the upcoming legislation.

“This conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with representatives of the most important participants in the field of public security and with companies that we have been working with to develop the King Sfera program solution. The thematic talks at this year’s conference will certainly aid us in thinking about the directions for the future development of products in the field of crisis management and public security,” commented Dražen Pavlić.

Dražen Pavlić represents KING ICT on the EENA Executive Board
As an introduction to EENA 2022 in Marseille, Dražen Pavlić took part in the meeting of the Executive board. Board members are appointed as representatives of key verticals that participate in the work of the EENA association – the public sector, digital communications, policy and regulation, public relations, and technology. Dražen is also involved in the work of the group dedicated to issues of technological standardisation and technical solutions for ensuring compatibility, interoperability, quality and reliability in the emergency communication systems in the EU.