30th anniversary of the Croatian Security Guild at the Westin Hotel

On Thursday, 28 April 2022, the International Congress and Official celebration of 30 Years of Private Protection and Security – 30 Years of the Security Guild was held at the Crystal Ballroom of Zagreb’s Westin Hotel.

More than 100 participants gathered to attend the panel session featuring excellent topics and guests. Matija Mandić, the KING ICT Director of the Technical Protection and Passive Network Solutions Sector was moderator of the panel entitled Technical protection – past, present and future that included top experts who have significantly contributed to the development of the Croatian Security Guild and security industry.

Panel participants gave an overview of the development of the technology behind technical protection systems to date, and discussed the key elements for security long-term survival on the market. They agreed that the technical protection industry now falls within the category of a high-tech industry that calls for a new profile of expert personnel, particularly those who can absorb new technological solutions.

It was interesting to hear the opinions on the future of the security industry, in the context of stronger technological expansions, as viewed from the perspective of the integrator and systems producer. Emphasis was placed on the importance of transforming the security industry by employing skilled engineers and programmers, in order to keep up with the newest security challenges.

It was also interesting to hear the opinions as to whether, and to what extent, technology will be able to replace humans in the future. In that context, we should consider whether the average person will be able to master all the upcoming technological novelties. It was concluded that system integrators would in that case take on an important role – as a form of technological consultant who would adapt technological innovations to the real needs of the end user.

Those present had the opportunity to hear about the important role of the Croatian Security Guild in promoting and strengthening the position of the security industry, and also on the importance of ongoing education, that helps to get a better overview of and to adopt new technologies, and to find new ways to act against new forms of security threats in the sphere of physical and cyber security.