Opatija, MIPRO 2022 conference: Presentation of the INUKING project

The INUKING project was presented at the international conference for information, communication and electronic technology.

At the 45th jubilee international conference for information, communication and electronic technology “MIPRO 2022”, held this year in Opatija from 23–27 May, the project INUKING was presented. This is a joint project between Pametna energija d.o.o., KING ICT d.o.o. and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Zagreb (FER).

This edition of the MIPRO Conference in Opatija brought together more than 200 participants, with an additional 1000 participants following the conference via video link.

The lecture by Aleksandar Roksandić, Head of the Integration Development Department, entitled “INUKING – Interoperabililty of critical infrastructure subsystems in the Cloud environment” was met with great interest by conference participants in the plenary session of the Grand Hotel Adriatic. The lecture was also viewed by a large number of people via video link.

“The MIPRO Conference brings together prominent representatives of the information, communication and electronic technologies from the fields of science, the private sector and public administration. Our presentation was also met with great interest from the academic community, indicating that this topic is very interesting to the development research community, and this is certainly a stimulus to continue our research and development activities in the area of critical infrastructure management. The results of project implementation to date that we presented spurred discussions on the possibilities of cooperation with representatives of multiple technical faculties in the Republic of Croatia, stressed Dražen Pavlić, Head of Research, Development and Innovation Operations at KING ICT.

“The architecture of the overall system and the way we have secured interoperability of multiple separate systems of critical infrastructure is truly a technological innovation and a demanding engineering feat. During its development, we used the domain knowledge of a wide range of experts from different technological fields to develop solutions that simultaneously complement existing solutions while expanding the portfolio of technical solutions with the Sector for Technical Protection and Passive Network Solutions,” explained Aleksandar Roksandić.

The participation of Aleksandar and Dražen at this leading international scientific and expert conference in the field of ICT and electronics in this part of Europe is excellent recognition for the research and development activities performed within the companies KING ICT d.o.o. and Pametne energije d.o.o.