SAP ERPsim: Students thrilled with the business simulation

There are different ways to learn about company operations, and the functioning and connections between business processes. However, when you have the opportunity to experience this in a way that is identical to the real world, while having fun, then learning takes on a whole new dimension.

ERPsim is a platform developed by the University of Montreal that enables virtual learning through simulated scenarios of business processes.

ERPsim stimulates participants to engage in business thinking, offering them first-hand experience in understanding the roles within companies and the effects certain decisions have on the business environment, and to experience the power and value of the SAP S/4HANA system.

Graduate students at the Faculty of Organisation and Information Science Varaždin, University of Zagreb, had the opportunity to try out the simulation in teams: to run a company, cooperate with colleagues, and solve real business problems, all using the active SAP ERP system. Their communication skills and ability to resolve business challenges shone through, like their readiness to make decisions that have a direct impact on operations and the business environment.

Organisation, making business decisions, managing time and resources, business reports, monitoring the market, operational use of program transactions – this entire management process all fits in a five-hour workshop held by the instructors of KING ICT.

Participants/players, many without any prior formal knowledge of SAP, had the opportunity to participate in this fun and dynamic competition, and to learn about and master the basics of SAP S/4HANA systems, and to learn about:

  • Communications with suppliers and buyers by sending and receiving sales orders
  • Logistics processes concerning management of products and raw materials in the warehouse
  • Production processes through material requirements planning (MRP), production planning and stock management
  • Use of SAP reports and transactions as an important foundation for making good business decisions
  • Importance of timely reactions and decisions within the business system to changes arising on the market and the significance

How the simulation works (ERPsim)

Participants were divided into teams and each received a role in the simulation of real business situations. They were focused on business strategy and timely reactions to market changes. They conducted activities in sales, marketing, procurement, finance and production (complete end-to-end business).

Each participant had interactions with suppliers and clients, delivered products, used SAP reports and transactions as a basis for making proper business decisions, and monitoring changes on the market in order to beat the competition.

The workshop included 15 participants and lasted five hours, and all participants received a certificate at the end.

After the competition, participants were asked to fill out an anonymous survey, and their impressions best testify to the value of the ERPsim:

“Never has 5 hours flown by so quickly!”

“Can we do it again?”

“This should definitely be introduced as a practical exercise in at least one university class”